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Face Masks Mandatory In Schools | Reusable masks for Kids with David Haye masks!

London, United Kingdom

26 September, 2020

The Black Mask Company

26 September, 2020

Face Masks Mandatory In Schools

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Two months have passed since schools reopened in the fall, but the use of compulsory face masks for students remains a hotly debated issue. Oklahoma's Department of Education has voted to recommend but not require the masks for students, leaving school districts to commission them if they so wish. The question of whether or not pupils should wear masks when returning to class has been a controversial issue since the start of school. [Sources: 2, 4, 9]

The state mandate is one of the strictest mask regulations that have been met to date. Almost all students and staff members must wear the masks in school buildings at all times. The masks are not compulsory, however, as the lessons in the classrooms are left to the local teachers, as a plan stipulates that you have to rotate through rooms where the mask was used. Many students have turned to other options, such as wearing face masks in the classroom, which is not mandatory. [Sources: 9, 10, 15]

Other parents have expressed concerns about sending their children back to school when the masks are not needed, noting that medical evidence has shown that the mask can help stop the spread of the virus. [Sources: 4]

While some experts have made exceptions for children, such as young students who wear masks all day, there is now a consensus that masks are essential in school, although they are less necessary when students are within six meters of each other. It is understood that there are some students who need medical accommodation because they cannot wear a mask at all times, and these are considered children with special needs or students with medical accommodation if they should not wear the mask because it is appropriate to remove it during meals or wear a particular mask. But the requirement to wear masks at any other time should be a matter of discretion, not a requirement that the school building reopen. She said it was impossible to enforce the no-mask rule in all school buildings and that masks could not be worn all the time. [Sources: 4, 6, 10]

The benefits and burdens of face masks in schools should be seriously reconsidered and teachers and pupils made aware of them, she said. [Sources: 7]

Griffin also suggested that parents who are uncomfortable with the use of face masks in schools should be able to get their children to learn online. Add the mask to the school materials list and make sure students and staff are aware of the correct use of masks, including wearing on the nose, mouth and safely on the face. Include lessons that teach students how to wear masks and provide information on right and wrong methods for wearing masks. If necessary, provide masks to students, teachers, staff and visitors who do not have them. The video below shows an example of a face mask for a child in a classroom at a primary school in London. [Sources: 1, 13]

Even if they are not compulsory in the classroom, remember that children aged 11 and over will continue to be required to wear a face mask on public transport and children under 11 years of age will continue to be required to wear a face mask on private transport. [Sources: 0, 5, 12]

Video Transcript

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